Simon Eclipse Plugin

Simon is a software tool developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia for logical modeling and structural, evolutionary/adaptive, and economic analysis of software ecosystem design architectures. The name, Simon, refers to Herbert Simon. Simon supports declarative modeling of design spaces in terms of decisions and dependencies among such decisions expressed as constraints. Simon uses MIT’s Alloy system and its underlying KodKod SAT solver to express and solve constraint models, yielding spaces of design states that satisfy given constraints. Simon then finds the minimally disruptive transitions between states to compute a design automation. The originators of Simon were Prof. Yuanfang Cai (as a PhD student, now on the faculty at Drexel University) and Prof. Kevin Sullivan (a professor at the University of Virginia). Simon has subsequently been enhanced at the University of Virginia by numerous students, including Yuanyuan Song, Liuyi (Eric) Zhang, Hamid Bagheri and Jeff Kusi. I have developed an Eclipse plugin for the original toolkit so that it can used in a more user friendly way.

Development Platform

This Software is developed in Java using Eclipse 3.6.

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