In my undergraduate CSE 408N Course (Computer Interfacing Sessional), I took Taxi meter as the term project of our group. Taxi meter is a device attached to the taxi that provides information during a trip. CNG taxies, non air conditional and air conditional taxies are available in Bangladesh. Taxi meter is a part and parcel of these taxies. Currently, all the taxi meters in use are imported from abroad, typically from Korea and India. But, taximeters can de made in Bangladesh, and by doing so, can save lots of foreign currency. In this project, we designed and implemented a microcontroller based taxi meter that performs all the operations available in the typical taxi meter. It can show information about distance traveled, waiting time and fare.

Development Platform

This microcontroller was programmed using Keil C Compiler.

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The project presentation can be found here.


The schematic of our prototype can be found here.


The project report can be found here.

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